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Devil's Delirium 100g

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Heat 14/10

Jolokia Paste (Bhut Jolokia - Ghost Chilli)

Ingredients: Jolokia Chilli (56%), Water, Vinegar, Tomatoes, Sugar, Salt, Corn flower 

Use sparingly with the following:

  • Use sparingly in marinades & stir-fries.
  • Great to fight off colds, flu and to clear your sinuses.
  • Steaks: brush a tiny bit on your steak and put it on the BBQ!
  • Any Asian dish, a quarter to half a teaspoon for your whole dish!
  • Spice up your Indian Curry or hot to extreme Vindaloo
  • Add some with your spaghetti bolognaise
  • Any Mexican foods like Fajita and Tacos

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